I Love the Library

I admit it took me awhile to get around to checking out the woodworking related titles in the TT’s (the handcrafts, arts and crafts subclass of the Technology class if you don’t feel like looking up the Library of Congress call number system), but it’s almost embarrassing how long I waited to look into the furniture history riches under NK (Fine Arts > Decoractive Arts) here at my favorite library.  Into the mix I also discovered that they have both a copy of Nicholson and a copy of Roubo’s L’art du menuisier in special collections. That I may just have to find some time to go and see.


Finding time for making

As a young guy with a new baby in the house, a full-time job, and a fully employed spouse one of the biggest maker challenges for me is just finding the time. Some of the strategies that have worked best for me, have also helped me dive deeper into what got me interested in making things for myself in the first place
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Changing Table or Workbench?

I’ve managed to really get moving again on the crib and changing table projects. This morning I ended up using the changing table as a workbench as I chiseled out the recesses for the carriage bolts that hold the lower back rail to the end assemblies. Good news–the changing stable is as stout as I could hope for. Also, brand new forstner bits can be wicked sharp, at least I think that’s what shaved off a bit of skin from my palm…

Nothing ever happens without a plan


…but sometimes the plan needs to be “just get started.”

So I’ve taken my sweet time getting started with this blog. I’d like mostly to blame the fact that I’ve been pretty busy with other projects–namely my now 6 month old daughter, and the crib and changing table I’ve been building for her, and … I’ve been relatively busy. But to be honest, the main block has been trying to figure out the perfect plan/start/post to get things going. Someday, I will have a sign over my workbench to remind me to never let the perfect become the enemy of the good. Somewhere between “there I fixed it” and the platonic ideal for whatever it might be is something that can actually be achieved. That said it’s still best to have a some kind of plan.

So here’s the plan…

I’m going to start things out here as more or less a log of my progress on the current ongoing projects. At the moment that includes:

  1. a crib for my daughter
  2. her changing table
  3. some long deferred wine-making and
  4. brewing some beer for a shindig in February.

I’ll be able to pick those last two up from pretty much day one–I haven’t gotten much further than buying shelf stable ingredients. The crib and changing table are actually nearing completion. If I can force myself to sit down and hammer out some posts on the work I’ve been doing in fits and starts on those two projects for the last 6 months great, but it may be awhile. Another post(s) that I had thought would be a great idea was some recap from the amazing week I spent at Marc Adams School of Woodworking taking Chris Schwaz’s Baby Anachists class. That might be awhile too.

Alright there’s the plan.